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Rome F1 hope boost for 2012.

December 21, 2009

Rome F1 Track

The proposed Rome F1 track

Bernie Eccelstone has allegedly thrown his weight behind Rome’s bid to host an F1 race in 2012.

Maurizio Flammini, organizer of the event, told La Gazzetta dello Sport:

The first agreement has been signed. The details can’t be disclosed, but it’s a written confirmation that Bernie will support the GP in Rome.

We still need approval from the province, the region, the ACI [Automobile Club Italiano] and the FIA. I think we need seven or eight months more for those, it’s a long administrative process.

Clearly, quite a few things still stand in the way. If just one of these areas refuses to grant approval the project could be brought to an abrupt halt.

Rome would not replace the Autodromo Nazionale Monza venue but would hold the second race in Italy. This will please many fans that were unhappy at the idea of losing the historic Monza race. A handful of fans brought banners to the Italian Grand Prix this year to protest against rumours that Monza would lose its race.

The proposed track design for the Roman Grand Prix can be seen here

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  1. mp4-19b permalink
    December 25, 2009 7:28 am

    Was that a rfactor simulation? Not very good graphix. Smooth anti-alising & antroscopic filtering is required. I would still prefer to have a race in a traditional circuit rather than rome. I dont like the modernization of ancient cities like London,Paris,Rome. There are so many abandoned circuits of Europe that can be used. We all know how chaotic rome is.Just imagine the traffic nightmares Rome has to put up with for 3 days during the race weekend. Bernie is pushing for too many new circuits too quickly. There are rumors there is going to be yet another street circuit in the capital city of India,New delhi.I think it is also something similar to Rome,where the circuit winds it way through monuments.IMO what we need now is a really high speed circuit like the old hockenheim , avus or even the old silverstone. but they must keep hermann tilke away from circuit design dept.I think i saw a video in youtube .It was a circuit that had a mixture of all favourite corners of hamilton, like eau rouge,130 r etc. is it possible to design such a circuit?will it be a success?


    • December 25, 2009 10:29 pm

      Thanks for the link/video (the Rome one was just from ages ago which had been released with the proposed design but not sure if it was done with rfactor).
      Magny-Cours was a mix of good corners really and I found that a pretty uninspiring track. With track design the restrictions really should go. I like the idea of sticking all the great corners together in the ‘ultimate’ track but at same time there should be new and fresh ideas (maybe from new designers). Not sure if even the restrictions would allow the great corners to be put on another track :P
      Some modern tracks are ok. Istanbul is brilliant in my view. But there needs to be a balance and gradual movement as you say.
      Specifically with Rome, I don’t have a problem with it. If we get another race in Italy then Imola would be ideal. But clearly a new track is what Bernie wants and Rome will more than likely bring the fans and is a beautiful city. I’ll reserve judgement on the track until we race on it but there is a risk of having too many street circuits…maybe Valenica could be dropped by 2012?

  2. Alex Stabler permalink
    October 19, 2010 10:59 am

    A street circuit in rome is a great idea but it needs to be a good track… if it isn’t there is no point having a race there. From that track layout for me the straights are too long and there are too many tight corners and hairpins. Alright for a street circuit, but I don’t think it should be another Singapore where just about every corner is 90 degrees. Every good circuit should have a character of its own like Suzuka, Spa, Monaco, even maybe Silverstone or Monza. For me, circuits that are mainly made up of low speed corners and long straights (like Korea) do not have a character of their own and therefore are just a standard circuit to seems to have been rushed by a circuit designer who seems to like the idea of no overtaking in Formula One. Don’t know how that would work!

  3. Alex Stabler permalink
    October 19, 2010 11:01 am

    Anything can be better than the Bahrain International Circuit (or the Bore-ain International Circuit as I like to call it, boring name, boring track!) or the Bucharestring, a street circuit that looks like a square. Both designed by Hermann Tilke. Both boring.

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