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The legend is back

December 23, 2009
Michael Schumacher: back home...

Michael Schumacher: back home...

Michael Schumacher has confirmed that he will race for Mercedes GP in 2010.

 The deal is speculatated to be only for one year. Speculation surrounding the matter stated days ago that the only thing in the way between Schumacher and Mercedes was the German driver’s neck, which deprived us of an amazing comeback earlier this year, to replace the injuried Felipe Massa. Mercedes wanted Schumacher to test a two-year old Ferrari for medical purposes, although no-one reported if this test happened or not.

The move means that Schumacher will be a Mercedes driver again after 19 years, having raced for them before entering the Formula 1 Championship.

The seven-time world champion, who will be 41 next year, will again race backed by long-time partner Ross Brawn (considered by some as the mastermind behind Michael’s success), and will line-up along fellow German Nico Rosberg.

These news will please those who wanted to see the Formula 1 legend racing against current stars Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, but although his comeback sounds nice, Formula 1 changed completly from 2006 to 2010. Can the Lord Schumacher cope with this new breed of F1 drivers and regulations?

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