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Will Ferrari’s annual getaway break the ice between Alonso and Massa?

January 12, 2010

Alonso and Massa finally appear together in Ferrari uniform

Alonso has been snapped for the first time in official Ferrari colours at the team’s annual PR event at Madonna di Campiglio.

Ferrari didn’t seem to be in a rush to wheel out Fernando in uniform and show him off, they don’t need saving like when Schumi arrived and it was a relaxed way of bringing him into the family. It’s also very respectful of Felipe and means he isn’t overshadowed.

The annual ski trip is a time to relax before the hard work begins. It set the scene for 2007 Moto GP champion Stoner to beat Massa in an ice kart race. Sadly Kimi Raikkonen could not take part due to illness.

Kimi did enjoy playing in cars with Felipe although the Iceman felt he had the better deal with a ‘diesel and a girl’.

It’ll also be the first time Felipe and Fernando are thrust together for a long period of time as Ferrari drivers albeit away from the F1 track. They are sure to push each other all the way but this trip could help the pair ease in to their roles as teammates.

On the teammate front Mclaren are making changes to appear fair to their drivers by giving Button and Hamilton new race engineers. Hamilton’s 2009 race engineer Prew, will take up the role of principal race engineer. Mclaren seem to be bending over backwards to show that the two Britons are receiving equal treatment. Button has a tough challenge coming into a new team but now Lewis will have to do some adjusting which isn’t ideal for the 2008 champion. It’s a different stance from Ferrari who has said the drivers will work for the team and making it clear that Fernando will have to settle in to Ferrari life. Which team has got the best method?

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  1. January 12, 2010 3:03 pm

    there could be fireworks between these 2,germany 07 a massive row after the race finished and if massa was to beat fernando regularly fernando I feel would behave like 07.fernando needs to realise that Massa is very good so he won’t beat him every weekend.very good article again Steph.

  2. LAK permalink
    January 13, 2010 1:57 am

    Interesting question! Change isn’t always good if they’ve already got a working formula, so I don’t understand why McLaren didn’t just keep everything the same for Lewis and just assemble a new team for Jenson.. However, this coming season is different than 2009 because McLaren once again have two main drivers like their line up back in 2007 with Alonso. They are also under Whitmarsh this time around and he tends to run things openly than Ron Dennis, so it follows that he’ll ensure that both drivers both get good support and helping each other out (just like Jenson did at Brawn, so he already knows how to be a teamplayer).

    Do all other teams have a principal race engineer that deals with both sides of the garages? Or are McLaren doing they’re own thing?

    Can’t wait to see how will Fernando fit in the Ferrari world, and will his performance be better than Massa or will Massa fair equally? The F60 showed us how talented Kimi and Massa are as both Badoer and Fisichella couldn’t drive the car with no previous testing.
    The same question goes for Jenson and Lewis, is Lewis that good or was Kovalainen a poor challenger? If Jenson’s performance isn’t up to par, it will show us that Kovalainen isn’t that bad..

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