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Force India will be depending on their drivers to continue their good form

January 22, 2010

Sutil seems stagnant on the driver market

Liuzzi is a fairly popular driver and many were pleased to see him return to a race seat in F1 at Monza.

Liuzzi initially impressed; he qualified a very impressive seventh and looked like he would score points on his first outing since he returned to the sport. Unfortunately, the car couldn’t go the distance but the lack of testing didn’t seem to harm him like it did with so many other stand-ins such as Badoer, Grosjean, Alguesari and even Fisichella when he switched to Ferrari.

In the next races he couldn’t manage higher than 11th (partly due to the car which only seemed blisteringly quick at low downforce tracks) but nevertheless it was a solid return to the race and he avoided any crashes. Liuzzi got the mileage under his belt and will be looking to improve this year and really make the most of what could be his last chance at the top level of motorsport.

Sutil has only ever scored one more point than Liuzzi (6:5) but hasn’t had a lot more races. Sutil must be slightly disappointed with the way things have turned out; he has had some good races such as Monaco 08 but he’s usually caught up in a mess – either by sheer bad luck or by his own error – which ruins his chances. Germany 2009 is another example when he had a shot at a good finish but got into another tangle.  He’s stuck at the same team, hasn’t moved up the ladder and the question is will he ever?

He hasn’t even really been linked to many other teams suggesting he isn’t on the radar. It’s a wonder if he will ever break free and he is going to have to start delivering. Too many times he crashes out which means he is a high risk as well.

If Sutil wants to advance he is going to have to really grab this second stint at Force India and show what he is capable of. The first task will be to win the teammate battle otherwise he won’t be going anywhere.

It’ll be close as Liuzzi is younger than Fisichella so may give Adrian the run around. It should be a close call. This isn’t the strongest of line ups but it has potential to bag a couple of points. Force India’s success and therefore presumably better financial situation, should see them continue to form. There are a new set of rules they haven’t been drastically changed like before so here’s hoping they can stay strong and these two can manage a point or two.

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  1. Ratboy permalink
    January 22, 2010 11:14 pm

    It could be a exciting line-up, Liuzzi will be looking for consistancy and regular top ten finishes while Sutil will be even more hyped-up ro try and put one over his new fulltime teammate, so may lead to a few more unenforced errors.
    Sutil will have to watch out he doesnt become another Sato or De Cesaris

  2. james permalink
    January 23, 2010 12:33 am

    Well Sutil wont be crashing into Kimi in 2010!Sutil has talent but needs to be more consistent,Liuzzi also will try to be consistent.Liuzzi main goal i would say is to match or beat Sutil which would be a good 2010 for him but i expect Sutil to edge it

  3. wasiF1 permalink
    January 23, 2010 2:45 am

    Good thing for Sutil there won’t be anyone Kimi in 2010.

  4. Rachel permalink
    January 23, 2010 8:28 pm

    Think Liuzzi will be a good performer this season, but if Sutil can be more reliable then I think he might be the stronger one of the two.
    By the way, another very well written article Steph :)

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