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Toro Rosso put trust in continuity-for now

January 23, 2010

A solid fit for Toro Rosso or will he be bound for Red Bull?

It’s taken them long enough but Toro Rosso have finally confirmed Jaime. He didn’t get the benefit of testing but still made a solid job of the season. Only one retirement was his fault –Japan- but for the majority of his season he just got his head down and stayed out of trouble.

The Spaniard doesn’t have that flair or aggression that Kobayashi showed but he was impressive with his feedback, especially in his first practice. The FIA was roundly criticised for letting someone so young and without testing into a race environment but he was not the disaster everyone feared.

However, you have to wonder why Toro Rosso took so long and it must have unnerved the boy. It took time for Bourdais to be confirmed and look how long he lasted. Although, unless Toro Rosso have someone else lined up then Jaime should see out this season. It would be pointless putting in another young rookie midseason particularly if Buemi is heading to RBR in the near future. Red Bull’s plans will probably determine what the line up for the 2010 and 2011 seasons.

Alguersuari may have to fight to keep his seat for the full season

Jaime may just be inspired to work very hard this season to really hang onto his seat, a tough job when he is still learning the ropes. Toro Rosso also appear shaky with their drivers right now which could be a factor which influences just how well they do on their own this year.

Buemi enjoyed a successful first year; scoring on his debut and bringing in the team’s only points throughout the season. There were some rookie errors as expected i.e. Monaco when he crashed into Piquet (not that he can complain about crashing. Sorry, couldn’t resist) but he built on his promise and most crucially he beat his more experienced teammate Bourdais, which no one expected.

Buemi will continue to carry the team’s hopes of points while Jaime develops alongside him. It’s hard to tell if either will really score points as Toro Rosso are on the same footing as the new teams by that they will be building their own chassis. The plus is that they did have the bonus of running a car by Newey and aero will still be a crucial part.

If points are scored then they will be delivered by Buemi, who in my view has been one of the most underrated drivers of the year. He probably would have got the nod from fans for best rookie had it not been for Kobayashi instantly stealing their hearts. It was a solid debut season nonetheless but the pair of them will need to show maturity to get Toro Rosso through this season while they find their feet without RBR.

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  1. January 23, 2010 8:53 pm

    i was impressed by buemi last season considering the lack of testing and finished the season very strongly.alguersuari deserves another year but i expect buemi to beat him most weekends and Toro Rosso should be happy to get a few points finishs in 2010

  2. January 23, 2010 8:58 pm

    I think Kobayashi is a fierce driver but I think Buemi has a lot of talent too. Towards the end of last year, the Toyota car was better than the Toro Rosso car, and I definitely think this played a part in helping Kobayashi impress everyone. Would/Could he have done the same thing if he were in a Toro Rosso?

    I think the delay in ~confirming Jaime had a lot to do with Bortolotti and what he was supposed to be doing in 2010. I think it was maybe a little bit more than a coincidence that Bortolotti was dropped from RB and then a few days later Jaime was confirmed…

    Jaime and Séb both have heaps of potential, and STR wouldn’t put them in F1 cars if they thought they were going to suck. Here’s to hoping STR can build a car that Jaime and Séb can do great things with.

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