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Renault and Sauber launch their cars but the most radical change is livery

January 31, 2010
Looks like a bee goes like...?

Looks like a bee goes like...?

Renault and Sauber have launched their 2010 cars. We may be a while from Bahrain but this season has kicked off.

The Renault R30 doesn’t look much different from the R29, there isn’t even much to distinguish it is carrying a larger fuel tank.

The biggest change does seem to be the livery, which has reverted back to the traditional yellow and black (albeit with a splash of red, thanks to Total). It looks like a wasp frankly and hopefully it’ll drive with venom too and get the team back on the podium.

Petrov has finally been confirmed as the second driver. It’s well known the Russian has plenty of backing and this is probably what landed him a seat although Boullier has asserted it is talent which comes first.

Petrov did manage to finish 2nd in the standings in GP2 to Williams driver Hulkenberg last year but it did take him four seasons to do it. It would be nice to see Kubica challenged like he was by Heidfeld but that looks unlikely. However, Renault do have a good pairing here; Kubica can push the team moving and Petrov’s sponsorships can help financially secure the team.

Renault’s new and updated F1 site will go live today.

The name BMW Sauber is to stay for the time being. The C29 was also launched today. The livery is bland at best and it seems white is the new black. The teams maybe attempting ‘to do a Brawn’ but copying the white livery theme won’t help. The C29 doesn’t seem that radical either. I’m starting to wonder if the teams are hiding their cards a lot as I was expecting a lot more change.

The Sauber C29

The Sauber C29

One point to note is that most teams so far have gone for the shark-fin engine cover and it is right back to the rear wing. Ferrari hasn’t bothered with this so they have either missed something or they didn’t find it worth the trouble.

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  1. January 31, 2010 5:37 pm

    Both stunning. I love the livery on the Renault, It’s absolutely perfect.

    Also rather like the Sauber, shame they stuck with BMW style livery. I think the car shape is fantastic, really like the black on the front wing too makes the front wing look smaller and not like a bit snow plough!

  2. Ratboy permalink
    February 1, 2010 6:35 pm

    The Renault designers appear to have given up I think, they have gone from the very pretty cars of 2005-6 to the worst ones on the grid,

    I really like the Sauber its better than bad, its good, I know white is over used but it goes well with the black carbon and grey paint, I hope it doesnt get ruined by sponsers colours too much,

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