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Diffuser Row 2010?

February 2, 2010

Ferrari have allegedly seen enough

Another diffuser row could be brewing between the teams due to the regulations still not being clear (nor closed up).

This time it is Mclaren who are the centre of focus and rumours suggest it is Ferrari who is riled by Mclaren’s extreme diffuser.

Again this comes down to an interpretation of the rules and you have to wonder why there still is the potential for another squabble after last year’s debacle.

Ferrari has a reputation of complaining and asking for rule changes whenever they are caught out.

Ferrari has a lot to prove; the F60 was a very poor car and last year they were also amongst the teams who were found wrong footed in the diffuser row of 09 believe the DDDs to be illegal and left furious when they were in fact declared legal.

The spotlight is on the team and whether they have been caught short again.

Massa specifically commented upon the better levels of downforce showing an improvement and that there was a lot of work to come with the car.

I think everything went in a very good direction for the first day but it’s not enough. There’s still a lot to improve until the first race, which is the most important thing.”

It seems Ferrari aren’t going to be complacent and they may well have detailed plans in the wings but if Mclaren has found a way to best the squad then this row isn’t likely to go away.

Ferrari may have plans of their own regarding the issue. At the tail end of 2009 the Italian team hired Azzollini. Azzollini was a senior CFD engineer with Toyota who had developed their diffuser extremely well and Ferrari thought they would benefit from his expertise.

According to Allen, Azzollini was meant to have brought a radical design to the squad but it was too late in the day for Ferrari to develop it with the car without compromising their car design. This is reminiscent of last year when Ferrari developed the diffuser late and it was built into the car rather than being a fundamental part and the car being built around it.

There have been suggestions that Ferrari hasn’t been entirely satisfied with the F10 and that work has already begun on a B-spec car.  If so then this radically designed diffuser could make an appearance for Bahrain given there is enough time.

Ferrari did top the time sheets of the test yesterday and there does seem to be a big improvement from last year’s car. The problem with testing times is we rarely know what fuel every team has onboard, what parts they are using, their testing tactics and where they are with set up so although there has been an improvement it is impossible to know how much.

The situation is ambiguous to say the least and it’s a waiting game to see how things play out. Ferrari could complain, delay/inconvenience Mclaren and try to get their own way or they could just push on with developing a B-spec car. Neither of these is ideal and it does suggest that no matter where Ferrari are with pace, once again they are in a far from ideal situation regarding the diffuser. However this unfolds it is unlikely to be as big a mess as 2009 but they have to get on top of the F10 as there will be fierce competition this year and time could be of the essence

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  1. wasiF1 permalink
    February 3, 2010 2:35 am

    After the trouble they had with diffuser in 09 they should have banned it for 2010,now we may see a situation that in two years in a row Ferrari won’t be competing.

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