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To the very last bit, Formula 1 is an art. Be it the engineering aspects of a car, the masterful drives from the greatest drivers in the world or the incredible dance of cars running at 300km/h, Formula 1 is so beautiful that its followers oftenly use the word “passion” to describe it. And it is this passion, this art that led these two young people to start writing about it.

One of them is a very passionate and kind British girl, named Stephanie Farnsworth, an aspiring F1 journalist who (apparently) loves the sport more than anything else, and dream to be the first female World Champion in history – considering her karting abilities, I wouldn’t bet against it. Steph is a Tifosi, a fanatic supporter of Ferrari, and will always support any of it’s drivers, especially her hero Felipe Massa.

The other is a Brazilian young man who breathes F1, and is known as Guilherme Teixeira, but, due to the complexity of his name, has been given the nickname Gilly. Guilherme is a amateur writter and, by writing an F1 blog, he can join two of his favourite hobbies. He is statistic-addicted and oftenly tries to look at things by the logical side rather than the emotional, although his ethnic origins lead him to do the complete oposite. Gilly is a Tifosi too, but he’s much more of a ‘driver supporter’ – meaning that he will not support Fernando Alonso just because he is driving for Ferrari and will be really glad if Sebastian Vettel wins the World Championship.

In the spectrum of importance inside the F1 blogging world, we are the lowest-creatures, the less important – we are only spectators, supportes of their teams and drivers and, although we try hard be unbiased, that’s not always possible. So I can take for myself the words from my friend and fellow blogger Becken Lima:

So, if any reader think that a point of view is biased, this rare reader will be inevitably right in his observation, I admit it.

But that does not devalue our opinion and neither makes our articles any poorer – in fact it will only make it richer as different opinions emerge in commentary section.

That said, we hope you like this little space and come back every now and then.


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  1. wasiF1 permalink
    January 11, 2010 2:36 am

    You people are doing a nice job.

  2. March 27, 2010 2:32 am


    Great blog.. hope u become a member of my new community



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